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on draft


Stour Sout

Dark Sour

8.5% ABV

TRaditional sour brewed with a dark malt

Farm Dog Sour

kettle sour

4.2% ABV

our first traditional sour. subtle notes of leather and citrus peel with refreshingly smooth finish.

the juice

pale ale

5.5% ABV

Local NYS and Pacific Northwest hops create a juicy, citrus experience in a west coast inspired pale ale.  

Resin, wet hop, shishito pepper, less bitter than standard India pale ale but similar in hop presence.

Blonde Ale

4.8% ABV

Light with a perception of sweetness at the end of this spritzy dry beer. Subdued bitterness. An easy drinker.

Bowen Porter


5.8% ABV

Ashy, dry with notes of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit.

double dog dare you

Double IPA

8.0% ABV 91 IBUs

Unlike many double IPAs, Double Dog is relatively dry and not cloyingly sweet. The high IBUs come off as surprisingly approachable.  Notes of citrus and pine, some malt and caramel. Clear and slightly amber in color

spruce tip


6.9% ABV

Seasonal. Locally-picked spruce tips.  Some hops are used early in the boil for bittering, no hops are used for flavoring so all of those flavors are from the spruce tips. 

Aromatics: Resin, hoppy but subdued, slightly sweet not overly piney

Palate: Grapey sweetness, end palate strong round but 100% integrated, raspberries

g town brown

Brown ALE

5.7% ABV 47 IBUS

An easily approachable brown ale that wants to put brown ales back onto everybody’s short list of things to do. Subdued notes of caramel, burnt chocolate. 100% of hops from Petersen Farms in Seneca Castle NY and/or Cobblestone Hop Yard in Ontario NY.

gateway kolsch

4.8% abv

Traditional simple grain bill and hop schedule that allows for the expression of the subtle but complex flavors found in German and NYS malt. Dry finish

buckwheat stout

on nitro

8.0% abv

Roasted buckwheat from nearby Birkett Mills and an exhausting cereal mash form the backbone of this American stout. Pouring through the nitro tap adds a creaminess and body to this normally dry beer. Coffee and toffee flavors, dense tan head.


The Platypus Perry

Bartlett Pears Empire


Focused acidity in the mid palate as opposed to end of palate makes this perry exceptional.  No barrel aging, but had a wine lees addition added and settled notes of vanilla icing, white peach, kaffir lime, smarties candy and cotton candy


Rhode Island greening, northern spy, spy gold

sweet 5.5% ABV

after undergoing 2 fermentations, pleasant notes of candy apple and tannic apple throughout the body with honeysuckle finish.

Tulsi Basil

ida red, northern spy, spy gold

Semi-Dry 6.3% ABV

tulsi, from fellenz family farms, steeped 5 days. herbaceous and earthy bouquet with notes of apple peel and sweet melon throughout the body.

acid test

Rhode Island greening, empire, fuji

dry 6.1% ABV

high acid cider with mouthwatering notes eerily similar to sour candy and grapefruit peel. 

staghorn sumac

Rhode Island greening

dry 6% ABV

sumac harvested from Zugibe Vineyards, tantalizing citrus and sumac bouquet, with notes of cranberry, apple peel and citrus rinds.

Ramblin' Rose

crab apples, Catawba grapes

dry 6.5% ABV

Pleasant and personable, this flowery flow shines on to bright and jammy red fruit- jolly rancher- just ripe strawberry and rhubarb with a succulent mouthwatering finish. Ramble on baby, settle down east.

pippin ain't easy

Rhode Island greening

dry 6.7%

100% RI Greening apples, mouthwatering and bright with notes of lemon peel and wet stone minerality. 

The French connection

field blend

Dry 6.2%

barreled aged in French oak for three years, smooth body with lingering notes of whiskey, smoke and apple peel. 

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