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Toasted Red Ale

5.5% ABV 

23 IBUs

Seasonal. Our interpretation of an Irish Red. Toasted grain and malty on the nose, Lightly bittered with Belma hops that contribute berry and unripened plum to an even, long-lasting flavor. Suggestive of a malty beer without the annoying, cloying sweetness. Terminates with a balance of malt and berry

G-Town Brown

5.7% ABV

47 IBUs

An easily approachable brown ale that wants to put brown ales back onto everybody’s short list of things to do. Subdued notes of caramel, burnt chocolate. 100% of hops from Petersen Farms in Seneca Castle NY and/or Cobblestone Hop Yard in Ontario NY.

The Juice (Pale Ale)

5.5% ABV

44 IBUs

Local NYS and Pacific Northwest hops create a juicy, citrus experience in a west coast inspired pale ale.  Resin, wet hop, shishito pepper, less bitter than standard India pale ale but similar in hop presence.

Dry Hopped Pilsner 

5.4% ABV

30 IBUs

Our Pulteney Pilsner dry-hopped with just enough Bohemian Saaz to create a unique tasting pilsner that is reminiscent of an unskunked German malt beverage found within a green bottle. Saaz on the nose, floral.  Herbal, earthy notes that linger on the palate. Bitter but less assertive than our naked Pulteney Pils.

Senor Crispy (Lager)

4.2% ABV

15 IBUs

Very bright and crisp with a floral and citrus bouquet. A strong nod to a popular Mexican lager. A simple grain bill and a simple hop bill result in a no-nonsense, clean beverage.

Bowen Porter

5.7% ABV

34 IBUs

Ashy, dry with notes of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit.

Morning Dew Hopped Seltzer

0.0% ABV

Hop forward seltzer with fresh lemon, lime and orange juices. Bright citrus notes balance the hop flavor creating a bubbly, refreshing seltzer. Made with a blend of Chinook and Belma hops (50/50).


Platypus (Perry)

4.8% ABV

Varietals : 100% Bartlett Pears (Fruit Valley Orchards)

Salacious and weightier with focused acidity in the mid palate and end palate structure that doesn’t drop off. 

Tasting Notes: vanilla icing, white peach, kaffir lime, smarties candy-cotton candy

Lady Lavender 

6.6% ABV

Semi dry, crisp cider. Made with Golden Russet apples, english lavender and plums. Includes lavender grown and harvested by Victor’s mom in Boston. The cider has a fragrant lavender smell. The apples were pressed and the cider fermented in our barn for 9 months. We chose to leave some residual sugar to amplify the natural sweetness of the plums and the lavender. All natural colors, no dyes were used to achieve this color. Cider has a balanced flavor that’s lavender forward while the apples and plums shine through.

Staghorn Sumac

6% ABV

RI Greening apples with a standard fermentation. Local sumac harvested from Zugibe Vineyards and other local private sights. 

Tasting notes: Tantalizing citrus and sumac on the nose. With notes of cranberry, apple peel and citrus rinds throughout the body. Refreshingly crisp clean finish that’s permeated with the iconic sumac flavor profile.

Jack Straw

8.5% ABV

Varietals: Golden Russet, Harry Masters, Stayman, Newtown Pippin, Cox Orange Pippen, Winesap 

Technical Data: Post fermentation it was aged in stainless steel for nine months, no additives or sugar just a great blend of apples straight from the mill.  

Tasting Notes: honey, lemon grass, easter hay

Ramblin' Rose 

4.0% ABV

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, pink jolly rancher

More alive, carbonation makes for a refreshing zest of life but not overly bitter. Tropical notes from sauv blanc lees.

Tulsi Basil

6.3% ABV

The Tulsi for this fan favorite was grown for us by Fellenz Family Farms. This whole plant steeped cider stands true to its name with a blend that consists of Empire, Fuji, and Ida Red apples.

Tasting notes: A pronounced earthy bouquet reminiscent of walking through a fresh rain in a forrest. Steeped for five days this herbaceous ciders hits notes of apple peel and sweet melon throughout the body. An extremely smooth finish with a lingering aroma of tulsi throughout the palette.


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